• Two Years Later

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    To That Boy,

    Two years ago, you broke me. You destroyed my faith in love. You broke all my trust I had given to you and left an everlasting scar on my heart and my mind. Two years ago, you damaged me and left my ruined remains for someone else to fix.

    I packed my pain and memories away in a far off corner of my mind that I would never reach. I did everything to forget all you had done. I put up walls and kept others out with my bitterness and hate. I let all you had done consume me and change who I was. I was no longer innocent. No longer able to let others in. No longer OK.

    I acted like I was over it. Like I had faced my demons and had come out the other side. Like what you had done was no match for a girl like me, and that I was too strong to be hurt like that.

    But two years later, I realized that I never moved on from what you have done. All the pain, hurt, and memories came flooding back. The remains of my being still had not been fixed, and the unbearable pain was new again.

    But I have let you ruin my life for far too long. You have kept me from loving, from trusting, from happiness. So two years later, I am letting in all that pain so that I can fight it. I’m suffering so I can bring down the walls I created to protect me from you. I’m letting you in so I can finally let you go.

    I will end the pain you caused and fight for my future. A future far away from you.

    From, That Girl

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