• Those good morning texts that really say you were my first thought waking up.

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    Though I feel closer to you than I’ve ever felt to anyone, I could never tell you this:

    It only took me one moment to realize you were the one. I’m not even sure which moment it was, because it happened so quickly. I don’t allow myself to become attached because I’m always left in pain, and it was always easy until I met you.

    That night you kissed me in that shitty bar my world stopped. When you leave me it’ll be a pain I’ve never felt. I’ve lost, but not like this.

    I can already picture myself spending the rest of my life for you. It scares me because we’re so young. I never wanted to be that person who spends their life with one person, but I can’t see myself happy with anyone but you.

    I can’t think about anyone but you. Your touch. Your smell. The thoughts I get when you hold my hand. The peace I feel when you run your fingers through my hair. The safety I feel when I’m in your arms. That feeling I get when you put your hands between my legs.

    I hate you for doing this to me; I’ve never loved someone more.

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