• Silver Lining

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    These days have caught up to me. The truth breathes down my neck and I continue to move forward with my life. You are still there at the back of my mind, hanging around like sporadic clusters snow-white clouds against a clear blue sky. Unnoticed by most of the world except those looking upwards. I used to keep my eyes glued to the sky, back when days were overcast and not a patch of blue could be seen. Back then, they were grey, cold, and dark. Uninviting. Sometimes I still try to find the darkness by mentally placing what few clouds exist in front of the sun so that shadow may cover my life because I had grown fond of the shadows over the months.

    I prefer the clouds like this – spread out in random positions in the sky. ‘Cause even though the blue covers more space than the white, each cotton ball of fluff is outlined by a silver border which could not be seen when the sky was overcast. Indeed it is quite beautiful, and with the sun shining through and around the floating fleece, a curious spark of hope is ignited, bringing those thoughts from the back of my mind to the front once again. Perhaps one day we can explore these clouds, side by side; hand in hand, and revel in the beauty of something so incredibly amazing that few people take the time to truly appreciate.

    And I’m not just talking about nature.


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