• Remember?

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    Do you still have my hair bow?

    You used to always steal my hair accessories. You’d flirt with me and tease me, and we’d have lunch together every day.

    Once, you took a blue bow, a black button clip, and a star kirby home by accident, and you always said you ‘forgot’ to bring them back to me.

    Your best friend said you wanted a reminder of me.

    I wanted you so much.


    That was September 2009. I was 13.

    One girl ruined it all. She thinks she’s a matchmaker but she’s a heartbreaker.

    We lost it all before anything started.

    It’s been two and a half years since you’ve spoken to me. I know it’s ridiculous, and belive me, I have tried to move on. I have fucking tried. Maybe if I was one of those pretty girls who could get any guy, I’d have had a boyfriend since you, and maybe then I’d have moved on. But the reason I can’t let go is *you are the only person that has ever shown an interest in me*.

    I’m sorry. This isn’t your fault. But I had to let this out.


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