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    You read a letter you weren’t supposed to see.
    You declared something that changed everything.
    I declared something that changed everything.
    You fought to make sense of it all.
    I fought against us and reason.
    You told me to forget.
    I told you I loved you.
    You said you loved me.
    You said you wanted and needed me.
    I confessed it too.
    You are still here.

    I said I’m hoping and waiting.
    You said you will wait.
    Then you said to forget.
    I said I’ll never forget.
    I said I’m in love with you.
    Silence filled the portals of your heart.

    Going around the corner of the past
    You watched over me through the years.
    I was completely oblivious.
    I told you the truth
    That I fell in love softly
    Through a letter
    That was never intended for you to read.
    You responded in letters
    Still thinking about a letter you weren’t supposed to read.

    You said you loved me too.
    I believed you.
    You said to forget if there were ever a chance to be together.
    I held on to faith.
    You pointed up.
    I looked up at those stars wishing, longing, and hoping
    That you would find me again with each passing letter.

    Don’t give up my love.
    Don’t feel that I don’t love you.
    I will try to do as you say.
    If you promise me you will find me.
    If you promise you will still love me.
    I will do you the favor you asked me.

    I love you more than you will ever know.
    I will wait for you.
    In each letter that I write
    May it be a constant reminder to you
    I hope that I will always love you.
    You belong here with me.
    I belong in your arms.
    We belong together.
    You know that.
    I know that.
    Just time, distance, and circumstances aren’t on our side
    Right now.
    One day,
    We’ll be together.
    But for now…
    We both have to forget
    That you read a letter you weren’t supposed to see
    And I fell in love with you.

    You said it’s a disaster waiting to happen.
    You fight reason and to make sense of it all.
    I do too.
    You search for a definition to what we are.
    We chose not to be lovers.
    We chose to be friends,
    But that cannot be either,
    Because we are so much more.
    What are we?

    It’s a question that time and patience
    And forgetting will lay out for both of us.
    It’s not what I want.
    I want you now.
    You want me now.
    We want each other.
    But we must wait
    to see how our story unfolds.

    Through all of this story,
    Know that I still and will always love you.
    There isn’t a morning that isn’t lived for you.
    There isn’t a thought that isn’t for you.
    There isn’t a song that is sung that isn’t for you.
    It’s all for you.
    I’ll respect your request.
    I’ll try to forget.
    But ask me to stop loving you?
    It could never be.
    No matter what.

    I’ll always be here for you if you need me
    With a letter that clearly you are supposed to read.

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    4 Responses to Our Story

    1. Patience
      February 23, 2012 at 11:26 am

      ..was never a virtue of mine but rather something suffocating laid upon my shoulders, all of my life.
      Sure hope it treats you kinder then it has me!
      NO offense but treating lins as a communication link is ridiculous, there are so many other ways.
      But what do I know, there are so many things I will never understand.


    2. author
      February 23, 2012 at 11:42 am

      No offense taken. I think it’s stupid too and have told that person that but they refuse to talk to me except on here. It’s pretty lame, but what else can I do? Any other suggestions? Just stop talking all together?


    3. Patience
      February 23, 2012 at 1:11 pm

      I’m confused, you don’t know this person other then from Lins? If you know someone, you know someone and then you – and only you, know how to respond. Maybe you are mistaken completely and what you thought of posts from ‘this person’ is from another all together? It’s LINS, anonymous for the most part!
      I would suggest take it out of here or just realize that it’s NOT what you were hoping or longing for (even ‘IF’ it is ‘WHO’ you were thinking of).
      Strength and best wishes to you.


    4. author
      February 23, 2012 at 6:29 pm

      No I do know this person other than from LINS. True true. I see what you are saying. Thanks for responding back to me. I’ve been wondering about this the rest of the day as I’ve gone about doing other stuff. I appreciate your wisdom and thankful for the advice. Thank for the best wishes and encouragement I needed to move even further forward. I’ll always remember your words.



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