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    @ patience. Thank you for pointing something out to me that is very important. I caved in time and time again, but I won’t anymore.

    To the other person. I’m leaving this site. We’ve talked. You refuse to talk to me except on here. That is not right. You need to stop being so afraid and just come out and say it… but to my face. Even on email is not cool. Somehow we ended up meeting on here… which is totally bizarre seeing as we already knew each other for a number of years. But that’s beside the point. I am not writing any more letters to you on here. You’ve got to step up and take charge for once.

    If you want to move on that’s fine, but you can tell it to my face. If you love me that’s wonderful, but you can tell it to my face. I’ve already told you exactly how I felt and it wasn’t on here. So it’s your turn now and the ball is in your court.

    I’m not playing these games, because that’s exactly what it is. I want real communication with you… which we have had over the last few weeks. It can happen again… but it’s your choice. I choose to talk with you. But you can decide whatever you want of course.

    I hope you choose to talk with me, but not on here and I’m not caving in again. You know where to find me. Somehow you always find me… even if I’m oblivious. If you are saying goodbye to me on here then that’s pretty harsh. Saying it in person means so much more, and the same thing whenever you say I love you. Just make up your mind!
    But most of all I’m walking away from this site. If you choose to follow me you’ll never regret it. If you decided that I’m not worth your time… then you lost out. But for goodness sake decide whatever it is decide outside of here!

    I caved into this before, but I’m not caving in anymore.

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    1. homesick
      February 25, 2012 at 12:31 am

      Im so glad I came across this. Stay strong! Im glad I had an impact on someone 🙂



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