• Mr. Perfect

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    Dear Steven,

    You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. The truth is that I don’t really know you but I can honestly say that I really want to. It’s a rare time that you ever meet a person and you just want to be around them, to get to know them, to befriend them. That’s what it’s like with you.

    We’ve met in person a total of four times I believe. Each time you have been warm, genuine, kind, friendly, and downright hilarious. You truly care about others and you put yourself out there. You are not ashamed to be who you are. You are not frightened be different.

    You are an upstanding individual with tangible character and values. It is an even rarer quality in a boy, particularly a teenage boy. Perhaps that is what is so fascinating about you, how rare you are.

    Despite sounding like a creeper, even the things you post on Facebook are endearing and awesome. Is it strange that every time I get a notification from you I smile like an idiot? Because I do.

    The sad truth however is that I’m too scared to tell you any of this. I could possibly be in love with you, but we can barely be termed as friends. Strangers don’t feel these kinds of things, they don’t care that much, they don’t write letters about how amazed they are by individuals they barely know. But then again both of us are quite strange.

    Love, Hannah

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