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    If I could speak without consequence I’d know exactly what to say. I’d tell me ex simply, “You’re like a balloon, and I’m letting you fly away”. She may burst, she may fly away, she may be caught in something, but none of that will matter. Because she won’t be tied to me anymore.

    I could never find love after her. She was like a balloon tied to my wrist. I couldn’t hold anyone’s hand, I couldn’t touch their face…not without this balloon hitting them. She was always in the way….. always in my face. She hurt me so badly. I couldn’t begin to tell you the nights sitting alone sobbing. I could write a book about how in middle school I cut myself because negative attention was attention! Or how I drank so her words couldn’t hurt me.
    Or how I sliced myself in front of her mother…just to prove a point.

    What point I have no idea. But one day I looked at that balloon always in my way. It served no purpose anymore. I gained no happiness or love from it. So I simply let it go. I don’t care what happen to it, because it means nothing to me. And when I finally let go…I met someone whose hand I could hold. Who loved me.

    So if you have a balloon that brings you no joy; that stops you from moving on, then let it go.
    Be free.


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