• Just want u to know

    by  • February 23, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love, Those Gone Before Us • 0 Comments

    I just want u to know that I love you, With all of my heart, and I always have. I swear it was love at first sight with you. I kno that I knew u in another life and I know that I will meet u again in my next life. You are my soulmate and I truly believe we were made for eachother. I don’t know why u had to die at such a young age, but I do know that this isn’t the end for us. I know you are still with me and supporting me in everything I do. I miss you so much, not a day goes by that you aren’t on my mind. I love you more than you know. And miss you more than I ever thought possible. I can’t wait until we meet again, but in the meantime please don’t ever leave my side. Please don’t ever stop telling me you love me and how much I mean to you. Please don’t ever stop hugging or kissing me, and please don’t ever forget what we had. Even if I can’t hear u talk to me or feel you touch me anymore, I know ur still here. Sometimes when I talk to you or think of you I get this feeling that I can’t explain, and I think it’s u communicating back to me. So please, never stop. Know that I know you are still here and that I will never forget you. I love you. <3me

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