• I love you. I do

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    I love you. I do. You make me smile, laugh and feel beautiful. Every morning I wake up to you whispering in my ear that I am beautiful and that you love me. Every day you tell me how special I am to you. How you feel so lucky to have finally gotten it right with somebody. You tell me you have finally found love.

    I love you. I do. I am not sure why I keep thinking about him. It’s not that you don’t make me feel appreciated or loved. To be honest, no one has loved me quite the way you do. He treated me like shit. He never made me feel loved or special. He made me cry almost every day. He gave me bruises that took weeks to fade. Not you. No, you care too much about me to see tears on my face. I know you value our relationship more than anything.

    I love you. I do. Just something is missing. I’m not sure what it is. Do you know that warm, passion ate feeling you get in your heart when the person you love is touching you? It is the way you described how touching me makes you feel. He has been the only person who has been able to ignite that fire inside me. Every time he would get close, my heart would start to race, I couldn’t control my breathing and my legs felt as though they were going to give out on me. With you I feel firmly planted on the ground.

    I love you. I do. I’m trying to tell myself that I have someone wonderful right in front of me. I don’t know where the disconnect is between us. It hurts me to see you so happy and content lying next to me, knowing that my mind is one someone else.

    I love you. I do. Just not the way you love me.

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