• from girl to boy

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    dear boy,
    you don’t know me yet, but we’re gonna meet soon. and you’re gonna see me for me, and i’ll see you for you, and we’ll be okay with who we are. maybe you’ll run into me at starbucks, or maybe i’ll steal your parking space and you’ll leave your number on my windshield cuz you thought i was cute. maybe you’ll be in my art class. maybe you’ve been around the whole time, and i just haven’t noticed you yet. maybe i’ve been around the whole time and you just haven’t noticed me yet.
    whatever it is, however it goes, we’ll meet for real. and all that i’ve been waiting for, all the tears i cried and words i scribbled out and wrote and rewrote will have been worth it. because we’ll be together, and that’s all that will matter.
    and then we’ll go away to college, but that won’t change anything. our love will last, because we can make it through anything.
    but maybe we’ll grow tired, and want other people. we’ll break up. i’ll cry, you’ll sulk. but you’ll meet a wonderful girl, and i’ll meet a nice guy. we won’t think of each other often, but occasionally we’ll remember the times we had. you’ll get married, so will i. we’ll have kids, maybe three or four each. we’ll love them more than anything.
    one day, i’ll be walking outside with the family dog. i’ll spot a dollar on the side walk, and as i bend down to pick it up, i’ll smack heads with someone. and i’ll look up, and there you’ll be. and we won’t recognize each other at first, but then everything will come flowing back and we’ll sit in the starbucks where we first met, or we’ll eat at the restaurant where i stole your parking spot, and we;ll talk for hours. our spouses will call, our children will want us, but we’re living in the past. for a moment, the world doesn’t spin and people don’t go on with their lives. and then the sun will set, and you’ll go back to your house and i’ll go back to mine.
    and your wife will ask where you were for so long, and you’ll say you ran into someone that was important to you once.
    and my husband will ask me where i was for so long, and i’ll say i was strolling down memory lane with someone i used to know.
    and that’ll be it. but the next day, i’ll open up the copy of water for elephants you got me for my seventeenth birthday and i’ll see the note you left on my windshield, or the receipt from that day at starbucks. and i’ll chuckle to myself about the crazy days from my past. then, i’ll pick up my three year old son and forget about it. the dog will chew up the copy of water for elephants and eat the note/receipt. but i won’t know about it, and you’ll fade slowly and eternally from my life.
    and our lives will veer away from each other indefinitely, until one day, unexpectedly, the color blue will make me think of the way you used to laugh. and i’ll be somber, and i’ll tear up, but i’ll just as quickly forget about it.
    and when i’m old and gray, i won’t regret a second i spent doing anything i did when i was young. and neither will you.

    so, boy, you don’t know me yet. but you will soon. and our lives will be forever changed, but in the good ways. we won’t be together forever even though we think we will, but we will love each other. so, don’t hold back. leave that note on my windshield. talk to me at starbucks. sit by me in art class. because i won’t be the same if you don’t.

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