• For lent, I’m giving you up

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    Dear B,

    We’re just friends. I’m aware of that. I think I may have feelings for you, but if I do, it’s not something I would put the effort into pursuing. Even if we did get together, I know it would never work in the end. But the way we act around each other man! You would think we were a couple.

    You’re a touchy, friendly person, yeah I get that. But do you really spend that much time alone with someone acting that way?

    We do things that I would only do with a boyfriend. Why are you doing this to me when YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?? If I was your girlfriend and I found out you were like that with another girl, I would be so mad! I would dump you in an instant!

    Is that why you refuse to have any pictures of yourself up? I know we’re at the level of best friends at this point, but it makes me SO UNCOMFORTABLE! I feel like I am helping you cheat on your girlfriend, and I am NOT OKAY WITH THAT.

    I’ve turned into THAT person. The one that knows there’s a girlfriend, but stays there anyway. Whatever we deny, we can’t deny how we look, and I’m tired of having to feel so extremely guilty and uncomfortable about that, and I know it is not healthy for either one of us.

    Please, I do not want to be your stand in girlfriend. It’s not fair especially to me, and it’s not fair to your girl. I’m sorry I one of your only friends, but I don’t think I can do this anymore.

    For lent, I’m giving you up.

    Sincerely, V

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