• Confused on what to do

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    My best friend is kinda-dating my crush. I had CLEARLY told her that i like this boy at my school and she was fine with it cause she liked someone else but about 3 days after i told her that i liked him she went and asked him out! i mean seriously! The boy had to cancel because of some family problem so the date was canceled but for about a week now he has asked her out but every time he askes she says no. I think he likes her cause he keeps asking her out but yesterday his best friend who is also one of my friends (knows i like the said boy) told me he likes me but he hasn’t made a move. I don’t know if he likes me or my friend or even both, but i now think my friend likes him so i don’t want my friend mad at me if i make a move. Should i ignore my feelings best i can or go for it and maybe risk my friendship with my best friend.
    <3 Confused on what to do. :'(

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