• You reached out

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    We met a lifetime ago. On another continent, when we were trying to carve out something new for ourselves. We undertook this journey together. Immediately there was a bond:. We exchanged confidences and nights turned to dawn as we talked about our hopes and dreams. But i knew something was holding you back, and we pulled away. We remained friends. And we searched for others to fill the holes in our hearts.

    We moved on to other jobs, countries, people And, five years later, met again and reconnected Although temporarily.

    Another seven years later, you reached out. You asked me to call you. I thought you were going to tell me you were getting marrried. But no. You said that was off the the table. You asked me why I was still available. Told me men were foolish not to see my value, asked me to move back, you gave me a vision of a life there. We talked about things I had mentioned to you when we first met more than a decade ago. You remembered, you still knew me. How could that be, that in all that had passed between us, time,space, distance, you just reach out and get to core?

    It gave me hope.i had never heard you this vocal, this forthright before. had you really opened up? Was it finally our time?

    We spoke again. This time an at length, and shared innermost confidences and fears and comforted each other. we said we’d continue speaking.

    Th pulled away. Why?

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