• You missed out.

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    I’ve been there for you since August. Always waiting for you to notice that I’m that one that you really like, not those girls that constantly turn you down. Recently, you started to show some interest. Kind of. Maybe I just imagined it in my daydreams-and-magical-foxes filled mind. Who knows. But then suddenly you’re ignoring me and one of your friends posts a facebook status saying, “If anyone wants to go out on a date with my friend Pat, call this (cell number)!”

    (That’s kinda sad, Pat.)

    At first I was thinking, “ME ME ME!!!” But then I remembered that you have had plenty of chances to ask me out on a date.
    Like when you were laying on my legs when we watched a movie.
    Or when you would trap me on the couch and relentlessly tickle me.
    Or when we were laying on your bed kissing.
    The thought was depressing, and I admit that I ate a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies to feel better.

    But then, this morning, I felt better than I have in a long time. I dressed nice, skinny jeans, red tank top, lacy over-shirt, boots. I even wore my hair down. And I look damn good. It feels good to walk across campus and catch guys looking at me. Even my art teacher said, “You look especially nice today, you dressin up for some boy?” I laughed. “Nope. Just for me.” He was astonished that I didn’t “have a boy.”

    So I can’t wait for you to see me at Symphony band. To see how happy I am today, and how nice I look. To see what you missed out on.

    I can’t believe I wasted a box of Samoas because of you!

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