• Unfair.

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    At first, we couldn’t stand eachother. You liked my bestfriend, and I thought you were annoying. Then, you liked me. You helped me get over my heartbreak. We laughed. We cried. We loved. You were my everything. You were my world. Then, you broke up with me. You had no feelings for me anymore, and had second thoughts about your ex. I cried. I was nothing anymore. Then you told me you wanted me back, and how stupid you were. I wanted you back so bad. I missed you. Then you said we couldn’t be together. Lets just be good friends. I said okay, then you said nevermind. I’m not a toy, you can’t play with my emotions. This isn’t just about you. I wish I could say I’m over you, and what you did didn’t hurt me, but I can’t. I still love you, and miss you, and want you. But I’m not a second choice.

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