• Sweetheart With A Beard

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    Dear Fancy Pants,

    You see, I’m not your traditional type of girl. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that yet. I’m not going to ask you where you are all the time or who you’re with. I’m not going to ask you to ditch your friends for me or put me before your friends. I don’t care if you go to Bourbon or watch porn. I don’t care how many girls you’ve been with in the past. I don’t care who you hang out with and I’m not the jealous type. I don’t care about your tattoos and piercings. I don’t care how much you drink or what drugs you do. I don’t care that you smoke. I don’t care that you’ve been arrested. I don’t care what others think of you.

    I just don’t care about any of that because I care about you.

    That’s the kicker to this, you know? I’ve been with other guys and I cared about all of those things. And they ate away at me. Obviously things didn’t work out with those guys, and I got over them quickly. Which means they really didn’t mean all that much to me in the end. So I found it weird that I wasn’t feeling all those things this time with you. I thought that maybe I didn’t actually like you and I was just trying to get over things. But now I see that it’s because I actually like you.

    Let’s not get carried away. I’m not saying I’m in love with you or anything. We’ve only be talking for a couple months and only been dating for a few weeks. I’m not getting creepy on you. I’m just saying that I’m realizing that I actually like you and want this to work. Which is a new thing for me.

    You shocked me, though. I mean really. You’re a big tough guy, you know? I never looked at you and thought you would be like this. Behind that beard, tattoos, and piercings you’re a total sweetheart and I love it.

    There really wasn’t much of a point to this. I just feel better seeing it written out. I don’t know what you really think of me or if we’ll work out or any of that stuff. But I know that I like you and I’m liking this relationship we have. It’s laid back, but great.

    It’s a real relationshiop.

    -Taking It Day By Day

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