• Judge me..I dare you

    by  • February 22, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Moving On • 0 Comments

    No one knows what I am going through, yet they are all too quick to judge my every move. Every one has something to say. Every time I think things are okay, something goes wrong. Not anymore. I refuse to let this materialistic world get to me. I cannot handle it and I refuse to think that the thoughts of others are true. This is my life not any of yours. Go ahead and judge me. Tell me I’m not good enough. Tell me that I’m not pretty enough. Tell me I can’t do something. Judge me because I don’t go to a university. Judge me because I live at home. Go ahead, I dare you.

    Little do you know, I had a drinking problem. Being home is the only way I can be happy without numbing the pain with alcohol. You don’t know that my family has changed and fallen apart and in doing so I fell apart. You don’t know that I have no time to myself. You do not know me. So judge me, but remember that you don’t know me, not even the slightest bit. I am stronger than you think. I can take it. I have finally come to terms with everything. I can admit to my problems, but I bet you can’t.

    So go ahead and judge me, not because I said so, but because it’s what you do.
    It doesn’t affect me anymore. I’m letting you go. I don’t need you.

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