• Dear World, I have a question

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    Dear World,

    Please read the context. I have a question that needs an answer.

    I was friends with someone for about a year. I look back on it now, and they were mostly rude and just used me. Then, one day, they snapped. It was Christmas time, and I was playing holiday music from my backpack to get people into the spirit! She snapped and told me to “Turn that shit off! I’m fucking tired of this shit!” She’s never apologized to me to my face. After that, I stopped talking to her and asked for all my books and things back.

    I’ve made some new friends, and these new people don’t like her. Yes, they do talk bad about her. But she (the girl) has done things to make them feel uncomfortable or upset. I joined in, too. I vented to the group about how she yelled at me and used me for books/money/other things.

    The point is: I’ve never stuck up for her, but all anyone’s ever said was the truth. She’s now saying that she is “fully aware of everything you and the table have said about me– and how you never stuck up for me. Not once.”

    Should I have stuck up for her? I wasn’t trying to say anything bad.. I only was venting. And they only said the truth.
    Also, should I share the letter she wrote to me with them? (She just wrote it apologizing about the yelling and hoping I’m doing well.. I don’t really have any other close friends except for the ones that talked about her.)

    Help..? 🙁

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