• Dear Finn

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    Dear Finn,
    I’ve written and rewritten numerous letters to express how I feel, but I’ve never sent one. I’ll start of with being completely honest with you, you were the first guy I ever hoped of dating. You were also the first guy who seemed to like me. I’m not sure whether or not it showed, but every time we went out I was extremely nervous and had no clue how to handle myself. I couldn’t tell whether or not you liked me – I now know you don’t. I think you’re a really great guy. You’re funny, nice, and cute. I understand if my telling you this makes you uncomfortable around me, but I’d rather you know and not spend time with you then keep it secret and try to be friends. I like you Finn T. I would like to try again, but you’re dating Zack now. You’re a nice guy and you deserve to be happy so a part of me sincerely hopes things go well for you. I do want you to know you could have handled things better. Yet still, I feel as if I’d give you a second chance; that part of me hopes things don’t work out and for that I am sorry. Simply put – you’ve given me quite the head-fuck. But I will always remember that first night, watching a movie and snuggling up beside you. It was perhaps the happiest I have ever been. I understand I may sound crazy, to express so many feelings for you even though I’ve only known you three weeks. But what can I say. Your smile caught a hold of me. I wish I hadn’t been moving so slow. I was trying not to rush you into anything, instead I ended up pushing you away. Perhaps we will get another chance, or perhaps my feelings will fade and my life will return to normal.
    Till then,

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