• A life that was never mine

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    I like how everyone gets so wrapped up in the miracles– His dream, her dream, yours, mine. WOW! You know what, what about me? I feel soul-less. It hurts but it doesn’t because I am numb. I keep wanting to think it’s coincidence because I swear, if it’s not, there is nothing to talk about. I want to think that he was just the kind of boy that enjoyed the way I lived my life and thought that it was interesting and possibly decided that I was the one that was worth not disappointing. I am miserable. I have exhausted every option and never once have I thought about resorting back to “old ways.” I was always there, an option. You weren’t available to me, do you see the difference? Therefore, there are no excuses. I am completely empty. I’m not about to be filled with something that is less than perfect. I really hope that one day, if forgiveness isn’t an option, I can at least move on.

    As for the other one, I think you summed it up.

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