• 16 Just Held Such Better Days

    by  • February 22, 2012 • Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and of course who do i think of, I thought of you. You fucking destroyed me. We ended two fucking years ago and I still think about you. I burned EVERYTHING. I mean for Christ sake i don’t have the fucking strength to pick up my guitar anymore. I burned the cards, letters, and my song book because I couldn’t stand to look at them. I can’t even listen to some songs without having an emotional breakdown. Ever since you left people tell me I am not the same. I barely have energy to get up because I have nothing to get up to anymore. You are never coming back. You absolutely crushed me. And the sad thing is if you came to my house right now I would take you back because you were the only one to make me happy. I miss you, your family, and especially us. I have turned to drugs, alcohol and other things and I can’t erase the memories of you. I know you gave up on me but this is what I needed. If you came back I promise we can make it. I swear. I fucking love you, still, and you probably dont even think about me anymore. Our small talk makes me want to jump off a bridge because I want to be able to say I love you and hear it back.

    I don’t even remember how we broke up. My memory doesn’t let me. I drank myself to sleep every night for 6 months. Girls that know me now say I’m a terrible person, that I have no emotion, and that I am a complete mind fuck. You made me this way, because I know I was not like this when we were dating. You killed what was left of any good in me. I still love you and I hate what you did to me just as much. Please give us one more chance…

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