• You are Ice Cold

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    Thanks. I went out on a line to tell you how I felt…that I cared too much and loved you, and all you could have done was at least replied to my email to let me know you got it. Instead you completely ignored it and are not even talking to me.

    You live by higher standards and claim to love God, but you won’t even answer me? This is not the person that I thought I knew. You could have at least said thank you for letting me know or something like that. I wanted you to prove to me that you weren’t a jerk. But apparently you are.

    If I ever see you again I won’t even acknowledge that you are there, because I just figured out that you were never really my friend. You never cared about me. You didn’t care at all. I tried to be open and honest with you. You have really hurt me by not even replying.

    Forget you for now? Try forget you forever. There will never be a chance with you if that’s what you are thinking in the future that there will be. How could there be when you treat me like this? I hope you are not thinking that. I honestly can’t handle this or the last one either. It’s too much.

    You lost out when you treated me like this. He did that to me. He never let me know that my feelings to him mattered. Now you’ve done the same thing that he did…even though I’m sure you don’t even care.

    I just realized you are no different then him, and the so called wisdom that you shared in the last few emails…yeah well I’ll take it with a grain of salt, because what you have done in treating me like this is not wise at all. It’s hurtful, rude, and inconsiderate.

    It’s going to be hard to forgive you. I know I’ll see you again. Just the next time I do I’m going to walk right on past, because you taught me with people like you you only lead to hurt, heartache, and lack of empathy.

    Oh and keep your ice cold attitude. I won’t be needing it anymore.

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      February 21, 2012 at 9:16 am

      I had to deal with a similar situation with a girl. Never understood how someone who talked to me almost every day for 5 months could just ignore me all of a sudden. Sorry that it happened to you, I know the feeling. It’s been a month since she ignored me. Unfortunately, being the weak nice guy that I am i wasnt able to ignore her like you are planning to, but I am here to tell you its probably for the best. I wish I would have just ignored her forever things are so messed up now. Stay strong, forget those heartless people.

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