• Why do we use “fat” as an insult?

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    I’m absolutely sick of people calling someone fat as an insult. I’ve always been on the heavier side, and even now at my thinnest and healthiest weight I don’t feel good enough.
    It has to do a lot with the unhealthy media and the people around me.
    Why do we call people fat to hurt them? I’m sorry, but the last time I checked it’s a lot worse to be vindictive, apathetic, or rude. So how did this term fat become used so often as an insult?

    I’m absolutely sick of it. Next time you want to insult someone, don’t pick on something that you see. You probably don’t even know the person well enough to judge them. You should never even insult anyone period. But please think before calling someone fat or ugly.

    Because they actually may be truly beautiful, but because of people they will never see it. I don’t want someone to be like me. I don’t want someone to hate how they look and everything because someone called them fat or ugly.
    If someone is to be judged, it should be based on their personality. But in all honesty, no one should ever be judged. Ever.

    Think before you speak.

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