• To All You Out There With Hidden Feelings ..

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    Tell them.
    Whether you’re a boy or you’re a girl who has feelings for someone, tell them.
    Don’t hold it in.
    I wrote a letter on here about 3 years ago about a boy I liked a whole lot.
    I told him, finally, a couple of months ago.
    No, he didn’t reciprocate the feelings, but that was okay.
    I learned something, something very valuable:
    The only person you are hurting by holding it in, is yourself.
    They deserve to know, and you deserve to be free of the feelings that have bound you to keep to yourself.
    You’ll be relieved .. I don’t know to how really strong your feelings are, obviously since I’m not you, but I will tell you one thing and that is that even though it might be scary to think about, and nerve-wrecking when you tell them, and painful if you’re rejected/or happy when they feel the same, the only way to let yourself be you again is by revealing your feelings.
    Just do it. Take a risk, a chance. You’ll be surprised how something like that becomes the stepping stone to many risks and chances taken ..
    For me, it has taught me to go outside my comfort zone every now and then to explore new things. It has enabled me to not be afraid of revealing my feelings, or being up front about something.
    It’s gonna be hard, I can say that because I’ve been there, but it’s SO going to be worth it when you find yourself able to take on the world because you took this one little chance on something that could have gone either way.

    So, do it. Tell them. Set yourself free.

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    1. Rose
      February 21, 2012 at 7:00 am

      Excellent advice. 🙂

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