• This was supposed to be the best year of my college experience.

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    Dear ‘friend’,

    I’m not going to let you make me feel this way anymore. I’m sick of you being so insecure with yourself that you feel the need to make other people feel like crap just so you’re not alone in your wallowing pit of crappiness. I’ve never done anything to you. I’ve been nothing but nice to you, 100% of the time, and 99% of the time you don’t deserve it.

    I want you to tell me you hate me. Just scream it at me. I know you do. I know. I can tell.

    I can tell because as soon as I walk into the room I can feel the chill of ice radiating off your shoulders. You aren’t the bubbly, friendly person that you are with everyone else. You didn’t used to treat me differently. I don’t know what I did to change it. Maybe it’s because I lost weight when we started college, while you’re body mass continued to increase. Because the guy you liked was interested in me. Because I respect my body, while every Friday night yours is pressed up against the first guy who buys you a drink and tells you he thinks you’re beautiful. Because my introvert-ness annoys you. You think I’m quiet and awkward.

    I want you to say that you hate me because you hate yourself.

    I’m the easiest to pick on, that’s why you chose me. I will admit, confrontation isn’t my thing. You knew you could get away with mistreating me. I give you a standing ovation, because honestly, you’re the most cunning bully I’ve ever encountered. You only treat me like crap our other roommates/friends aren’t around, and it’s so passive-aggressive, at first I thought it wasn’t intentional. But no, you mean to do the things you do to me. And no one else can see it… no one else can see your true colors.

    I pretended I was sad when you decided to move into your sorority house, but the truth is I am so happy. I can’t wait to get you out of this house so I can cut you out of my life.

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