• The ex confession.

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    You know who you are.
    I’ve been trying my hardest to kill you with kindness, but what I really want to say is, “go fuck yourself.” in every text. But I don’t. I hate myself for still loving you. I see your pictures and I feel like puking. What you said to me after we broke up put me in such a dark place. I suffered horrible depression for weeks. But just when I decide to let myself be happy.. You text me?! Seriously, when I needed you, you had absolutely no desire to speak to me. But of course, it’s you. You can do NO wrong. That text last night..really? Was it necessary? You know my fucking number by heart, I’m not stupid. “hey, did you text me last night?” uhm no I didn’t, pretty sure you would recognize the damn number.. But you needed an excuse to talk to me didn’t you? But guess what baby, I’m not playing your stupid, immature game anymore.. Because guess what? You’ve pissed off the wrong lesbian..

    Confession time.. I’m falling for the girl you decided to leave me for, yanno that girl who dumped your stupid ass when you told her you loved her after 2 weeks even though she told you she wanted to take things slow.. Should of listened to me, should of listened to her. But your a fucking idiot who will never find someone who will love you as much as I did. That’s right, DID. Your fucking loss. But I do not regret the time we shared because you’ve shown me exactly how someone shouldn’t treat me and the true definition of selfishness. So thank you. Btw when I get the letters “CUNT” tattooed in my inner bottom lip, I’ll make sure I tag you on facebook.
    Sincerely, your ex girlfriend..

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