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    It drives me insane that everyone keeps telling me how good of a mother you are. They don’t see anything but what you want them too see. But you have become really good at that haven’t you.

    I was the first to graduate. I was the only one that went to college. I’m the only one that has a job. I fight for equality. I do everything you ask. But out of a family of 7 that isn’t good enough for you is it?

    Is it that you see Dad in me? His intelligence, his philosophy, his eyes. It’s not my fault his heart couldn’t handle it, although being married to you much have been why. It’s 14 years now, and maybe it would have been different if you hadn’t drove him out of his home. Oh by the way, I remember the fights. I remember the accusations. I was so little, but not little enough that I was naive.

    Is it that I am everything you wanted? You some idiot that got pregnant and dropped out of high school and just couldn’t stop having kids. Is it that Mine has stayed with me even though he doesn’t have any attachments? Or is it that I pulled myself from drug and alcohol abuse, something you admit that you couldn’t do.

    You being a good mother is impossible, and the people in our life that aren’t on drugs see that. You are a laughing stock and the moment I leave I never want too see you again, and I hate you for making me stay. Even my oldest brother saw through you… I wish he wasn’t dead so someone would stand up to you besides me. But fast cars are dangerous. I wish you would have let him take your van like he asked. They maybe he wouldn’t have ended up in that ditch… but at least he got to see Dad for Christmas right?

    Oh, and all that money you stole from me? All the times you hit me? All the times you made me feel like shit? Every item you have stolen from me? All the lies you have told about me? I have proof.

    Take another shot for me and burn in hell.

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