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    i dated a marine.
    i guess i hate this because we didn’t make it through one deployment, both of them we broke up during.
    you wore me down before you left and then would act completely crazy being in afghaninstan, i understand that but i don’t understand why you would treat me the way you did before you left.
    the last 3 weeks before you left you stayed drunk and refused to talk to me.
    you were never there for me when i needed you.
    i would beg you to talk to me and you would refuse.
    you broke up with me in november, a week after my birthday and the day you bought me a $600 ring.
    you begged me back but i’m tired of it.
    i sat back and thought about our relationship and it hit me all the texts from girls at 2 in the morning, you textin a girl you told me you cheated on me with, and the way you acted about certain subjects now shows me you were never faithful.
    i hate to see love stories about military people who make it because i think why didn’t we then i blame myself and then i remember no i was the perfect military girlfriend.
    i waited night after night for you to call no matter what, sent you huge multiple care packages, did what ever you asked, I WAS FAITHFUL.
    you lived in cali, i lived in ga no matter what i was there every second of the 2 weeks you got every 8 or so months to come home.
    i hate this but i can’t do it anymore.
    some times i think i miss just having that love story, but then i remember the truth about military love, it’s not romantic, most of yall are assholes that cheat any chance you get, and its ALWAYS about what can i do for you never what do i need from you

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