• i can take a hint.

    by  • February 21, 2012 • Friends • 0 Comments

    our friendship is over. i get it. you don’t answer my phone calls. you say we will meet up, but we probably never will. ever again. i’m one of those people now. those people who aren’t on your team. i’m one of your fake friends now. i messed up. i said things the wrong way. at the wrong time. and that sealed my fate with you.

    you’ve been the closest thing i’ve had to a best friend. you helped me when i needed it. i helped you when you needed it. and this one thing has ended it all.

    you don’t remember all the times i sat with you while you cried. the times i would stay with you while you worked until 4am. the time you called me that afternoon and i rushed to be by your side. you don’t remember. why doesn’t that mean anything to you? why doesn’t that outweigh the one incident. i failed you one time, without meaning to. i have the best of intentions when it comes to you. i love you very much.

    i need you now. i am falling apart. you were the only good thingi had in my life. and now you aren’t there. and i want to cry but my body won’t let me. i miss you. i am a whiny little bitch. i miss you my friend. i miss you. it has months since i’ve seen your face. i am angry. i am sad. i don’t know what to do. i fear there is nothing i can do. my friend. i need you. i just need you to be here. please. please. please.

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