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    Where do i even began… so theres this guy lets call him “s”. I’ve known s for almost four years now, he’s my best friend. The problem is how i feel for him. s and i have been on n off for 3 years now it’s finally come to a point where we’re just friends….however we sleep together but (before anyone makes judgement) we exclusive to only each other, meaning he can’t sleep with another girl and i can’t sleep with another guy. i love s with all my heart he means the world to me, we talk to each other everyday, what hurts me is that he doesn’t want be with me because he’s sick…he doesn’t know how long he has and doesn’t feel it’s right for him to put me though something like that. i’ve told him i will always be by his side n i want to be with him i don’t care how sick he is i’ve been by his side for the last 3 years since he found out. i know he loves me but refuses to be with me. my question is what do i do? i love him and i know he feels the same for me. we haven’t been with anyone else within the last 4 years except each other. my friends tell me it’s meant to be… i honestly don’t know any more. if anyone can give me sum honest advice i would appreciate it

    thnx for readingg

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    2 Responses to CONFUSED…. HELP

    1. MissyAJ
      February 21, 2012 at 8:27 am

      Have you told him what you’re telling us? If you make it clear to him that you will always be by his side no matter what, that you already are, maybe he’ll realize that what he’s doing will just hurt himself in the long run because he can’t be with you. He probably thinks he’s doing the unselfish thing by not putting you through so just let him know that you’re already going through it and you’d rather actually be with him.


    2. jj
      February 21, 2012 at 8:17 pm

      missy AJ thank you for responding it helps 🙂
      yess ive told him numerous times how im feeling ive come to the point where i just given up because every time i bring it up we end up getting in an argument,over why we cant be together. ive told him it hurts me more that i cant be by his side and help him through it. he tells me i deserve better and i should be happy which he wont be able to do… ive been by his side when hes been sick (he has cancer) its hard. in the end itll b hard for the both of us but i want nothing more for him to understand ill always b by his side no matter what….



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