• Awkward

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    I apologize for being awkward.

    Sometimes you show me that you care and instead of being in the moment like normal people would, I say or do the wrong things. It’s like I begin to feel vulnerable and instinctively start to panic. I end up doing the opposite of what I want to do.

    I really like you. I don’t mean to consistently talk through a hug or a slow dance. In fact, there’s nothing more that I want then to just be there with you in silence, in your arms.

    It’s probably why you think I’m not interested in you. I feel like I ruin all the tiny moments I have with you and I don’t mean to. I’ve just never felt like this with another person and it scares me. The silence scares me.

    I just want you to tell me you like me, and hold me, and kiss me. But why would you if I always screw up the perfect moment? I know tv and movies show awkward as a cute personality trait, but most of the time I don’t feel like it is.

    I can only hope that you understand while I may not show it the way most people show it, I care about you a lot. If you want me, please tell me. I just want to know where I stand with you.

    Your best friend

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