• well fuck you too !

    by  • February 20, 2012 • Frustration • 2 Comments

    You’re fat.
    You’re stupid.
    You pay no attention to life.
    You act like a fool.
    Go exercise.
    You exercise to much.
    Start eating.
    You eat to much.
    Go study.
    Go grow up.
    Go away.
    Be more adult.
    Stop growing.
    Stop behaving like you’re an adult.
    Start behaving like an adult.
    Come home early.
    If you are going to have more piercing tell me about it it is grows.
    Don’t go out.
    I put all your money on a locked bank account you wont get it till you turn 23.
    No you can’t buy or rent your own home, yea that’s right because I took your money.
    Be more like your sister.
    Why don’t you wear colorful clothes.
    What you don’t want to live, think about others, you have to live.
    No you listen to me.
    Go to your room.
    I hate how you are.
    Stop spending money.
    No you can’t move when you turn 18.. you have nowhere else to go.. nobody wants you.
    What is that you don’t want this.. take it I made it for you.. if you don’t I will never do anything for you again.

    WELL FUCK YOU TOO.. Mum all you do is make my life a big nightmare. I don’t want to be like me fucking twin sister.. I hate her, I hate you, I hate myself because of you.. you make me feel like nobody wants me.. I am only doing my best, I can’t do any better than that.. you’re not perfect ether, and neither is she.. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS.. I HATE THIS I HATE MY LIFE.. FUCK IT !

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    2 Responses to well fuck you too !

    1. lisa
      February 20, 2012 at 5:35 pm

      Ah, the teenage years. We all go through shit like this, true story. It sounds like you and your mom have your share of issues.

      It will get better. You’ll grow up and leave. Do yourself a solid and go to college. Get grants and scholarships and work your ass off to make a name for yourself, as the saying goes.

      You’ll be 23 soon enough.


    2. anna
      February 27, 2012 at 3:57 pm

      yea.. I can’t wait.. hope it will get better.. I think it is because I have no older siblings so this is the first time my parents are going through all this..



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