• Your Other Side

    by  • February 19, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 0 Comments

    Seriously, after I tried to let you know that I was coming you had to be a jerk like that? Where is your gentlemen like manner? All of a sudden…even if it was a sentence… I’m beginning to think you aren’t a good a friend as I thought you were. Today was a big day for me. Got all my luggage out and starting a new chapter in life. I was seriously going to tell you how I felt…now I’m beginning to have doubts. Only a few more weeks and it will be time to email you again… and then meet up, but I’m seriously thinking bout not doing it… if you are going to treat me like this.

    What’s up with your attitude anyway? Is it because you are mad I didn’t show up this weekend for the show or you really don’t want to be there for me like you have in the past? Seriously, if you are getting tired of all of this contact stuff then just tell me…I thought we were good enough friends that when you got annoyed you will let me know. But apparently we weren’t good enough of anything…and possibly even love. I’ll probably still be a foolish woman and tell you the truth anyway.

    Even though I still care about you and will let you know…probably… I am tempted to say to your face that what you wrote was a really jerk-like sentence.

    I’m really mad at you. I didn’t need all of that attitude after having a really hard emotional day… but I’ll deal with it… just like everyone else who experiences this type of stuff does. But I’m beginning to see a side of you… I really didn’t see before. I’ve seen the other side, and for once I don’t like what I see. Jerk! Oh and love you.

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