• You broke me…

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    Dear S,

    You broke me. You really did. I thought one day you would be mine but you won’t. I have liked you for four months.. Thats a long time. I tried to get over you so many times, but i just couldn’t. My friends said we would never happen and I always told them they were wrong but I guess I always knew in the back of my mind that they were right.

    You like her now.. And I don’t care that you like someone else because I know you never liked me but.. She is my best friend. The fact that you like her of all people hurts me more than the fact that you don’t like me. For four months I couldn’t stop thinking about you, we texted nonstop for four months strait there was not one day were we didn’t talk.. Then you just stopped answering. Out of nowhere, one day u just didn’t answer. Then to make things worse… You told my best friend that you felt bad for not answering me. Like really did u think she wouldn’t tell me. I sit next to you… I have to see you every single day of my life. But in three months I never have to see you again. We will be in different schools and I can pretend I never knew you, I can pretend that I never liked you, or at least try.

    I will get over you. I will but right now.. I’m broken, you broke me. I will nevr forget that you did this to me. And when you realize what you have done and what you did to me.. It will be too late. I am not going to keep waiting around for you. I’m broken..you broke me..you broke my heart and I will never forget that….


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