• Steven.

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    Its 11:20.

    I’m extremely tempted to text you. I’ve been fighting it all day. I gave in yesterday. But I was good today. I kept looking at my phone hoping you would. You didnt.


    I wanted to text you to say goodnight. Nothing elaborate, just a cute “sweet dreams” kinda deal to let you know I was thinking about you. But I don’t wanna seem weird… Or that I had nothing better to do. Or be “that girl.”


    You’re probably coning from work right now. I have no idea if I crossed your mind even for a second. Ofcourse you’ve been on my mind since I met you… 9 months ago. You’ll probably go straight to bed. I’ll probAbly still be awake thinking about you. How there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be together.


    My eye lids are heavy…I’m tired physically but also emotionally. I’m tired of nights like this… Over analyzing if I should text you or not. It’s just ridiculous and pathetic what goes through my mind.


    I’m in love with you. And I hope I appear in your dreams tonight, and you in mine. Cause youre everything I’ve ever wanted.

    Sweet dreams, Steven.

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