• Letting go.

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    I’m writing this for closure, maybe I should be writing this to you directly, but I don’t know…it might defeat the whole purpose.

    It’s time to let you go. It’s time to accept the fact that you are too far gone to even consider a future with me anymore. I’ve been holding onto you for so long that it’s making me go crazy. I can’t keep living in the past, I can’t keep holding onto the memories. I’ve become too accustomed to the pain that it’s almost comfortable for me. I need to move on. I once loved you with everything I had, but that was the past. It’s time for me to come back to reality and wake up a little bit. If you come back someday, then that’s wonderful, and it means that God needed to do work in both of us separately. But as for right now, it’s time for me to just walk away from you completely. I can’t keep waiting for you to call me, or to email me. At this point, I’m holding onto nothing.

    I’m doing this because I love you, but I need to start loving me more, and I need to seek the Kingdom of God above all else. I don’t know what came over me this weekend that made me realize all of this, maybe it’s because after hearing your comments about me…I just realized that nothing is going to change. You need to let go of your pride before that happens.

    So…this is me letting go, for good. I’m loving a ghost, and I just don’t have the heart, or strength to do that anymore. I’m tired of being sad, and heartbroken. Life goes on, and we live in a beautiful world, and I’m surrounded by wonderful people. There’s so much I’ve been missing because I have been stuck on you for so long.

    Goodbye, Doug.


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