• I have a dream… you.

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    Dear you,

    I have liked you for almost four years now. Since the very first day I saw you, my heart melted. You were popular, attractive, weird, funny, and yet I never had the guts to hangout with you. We talked for about six months on and off as friends because you had a girlfriend. I wish that I would have just told you sooner when I had the chance.

    Now here we are, I have four months from graduation and you are in college trying to become the 1 percent. Not a day goes by since I saw you that day that I don’t think about you and how I wish I was the girl you thought about the same way I think about you. I want to hold your hand and just be who you are to me, an inspiration for true love. I have been with my fair share of guys and relationships enough to know that I think that I really am in love with you, an almost stranger. Whenever you were in the room, I would feel sick to my stomach. When we were talking and you were sick, all I wanted to do was take care of you. For four years I have thought about you that I really can’t bare it any longer. I started to dream about you every night and that was enough for me to realize that if I am remembering my dreams about you, you must be something special.

    I am still praying for a day that you realize how much love I have for you. I have been waiting so long for you just to talk to me, but you are a frat boy and I am a nobody. We live 20 miles away and even if that is as close as I will get to being by you, it’s enough because at least I know you are alive and well. I hope you live an amazing life with a woman you love, because at least then I can know you are happy, with or without me.

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