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    Please, just stop.
    Do me a favour? Open up your window, look outside. Breathe in the air, soak in the sun, and dance in the rain.
    You do understand that it’s beautiful, right? That everything, everything is beautiful.
    Including you;)

    So why do so many people take advantage of the pureness and wonderfulness of this world?

    Guess what you are today? You’re alive. Not everyone gets to keep that priveledge for very long. You should be incredibly appreciative of everything you’ve been given, especially your life.

    You want something?
    Go fucking get it.

    You need something?
    Go fucking get it!

    You are an INDIVIDUAL. And there is nothing that disappoints me more than people who live hidden in the shadows of society’s twisted thoughts.

    If you think life is bland, you’re wasting your days. Get off your ass, and go DO something. Decide what makes you happy, and go get it. Don’t come up with an excuse to hold yourself back. Take a risk. Chances are worth taking. Put yourself through experiences so you can learn, do something you told yourself you would never do, fall in love – with someone, with the world, with yourself.

    Anyways, I hope you have a splendid day, and a splendid life.
    You’re fantastic:) Doesn’t matter who you are – I can guarantee it’s true.

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