• Falling out of love

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    You’ll never know this because you deserve better. I still love you. I really do. It pains me to know I hurt you when I broke up with you. It’s been four months since then and I still can’t get you out of my head. You’re an incredibly nice guy. so sweet, funny and such a gentleman. You never let me pay for a date and always asked permission before you tried to make a move. But you deserve better than me. you really do. I know you don’t understand.

    You always see the best in people, but I’m so heartless. I took advantage of you constantly. It was always my way or the highway. I hated your friends. And the saddest part was you let me get away with everything. Your love for me blinded you from my vast imperfections. That’s why for the first time in my life I’m doing something for someone else no matter how much it hurts me.

    Eventually, with some time you’ll forget about our love. You’ll meet someone really nice, get married, and have a cute family. I hope you get a son. You’ll make a wonderful father. I know you’ll find someone else because you’re the good guy and every girl wants a guy like you. I only hope I can find someone who can stand up to me and love me at the same time. I hope I didn’t blow my one chance at love.

    When we first started dating everything was perfect but by the third year you just loved me too much and I loved you too little. I realized I could never marry you so I said I fell out of love with you. Heck I still tell myself too. In all honesty you were the perfect guy but I wasn’t the perfect girl. I should have loved getting calls from you everyday, but I didn’t. I still can’t figure out why I no longer wanted to kiss you. When you poked fun at me I shouldn’t have taken it seriously, but I did. It didn’t use to be so awful, but we grew apart whether you could see it or not. I had to end things. I had to give you time to heal and find someone better, someone who wasn’t going to use you.

    I hope we both find love again,

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