• Dear Beloved

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    Dear Beloved, 
    Wait a moment. Pause mid stride for me. Return my gaze with one full of knowing and let me search your eyes. I know you struggle. I know that you try to find solace in your solidarity. Allow me to look within those corridors of your heart of hearts and romance your soul.

    My muse, permit me to whisk you away into a fantasy that you’ve dreamt about since you were small. I’ve waited for you for so long -wishing and hoping that our chance occurrence might be just around the next corner or at the next coffee shop. To think, that one day so soon I would see you on the city bus. You’re perfect in your imperfection. Perfect for me.

    I see your loneliness. Concealed beneath a veil of candor and compassion. I could be the cure to your illness-the antidote to your ailment. 

    Ever still, I will continue to love you unremittingly. I will fight for you because you are the one worth fighting for in this world. Deny me not and forget your troubled thoughts. You are my Beloved, and my love for you holds no limit.

    Till the day I hold you in my arms,

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