• I hate you

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    I was on my friend’s facebook earlier and I saw your name and picture come up, and I just want to say that I hate you so much. I can’t believe that after all of this time, I can look at your picture and feel this much hatred for a human being.

    After my parents divorced, I was getting into a lot of trouble, and so my mother sent me to a rehab facility in another town… Another town where you just so happened to live. You met my mother in a Holiday Inn where you were taking your daughter to swim on winter day at their indoor pool. My mother was instantly attracted to you, for a reason I’ll never understand. So yall exchanged numbers and began talking. I liked you at first. You seemed like a cool guy. And since my mother liked you too, I was happy for yall to start dating. You started coming to our city, spending the night at our house.. sleeping in the bed my parents used to sleep in, while my mother slept on the couch. You spent holidays with us, and became apart of our lives.

    My parents sent me to a boarding school in Louisiana for my sophomore year of highschool. When I got out my mom planned a vacation to a beach house for my siblings, bestfriend, and you and your daughter were supposed to meet us there. You were supposed to pay for half of it. The day you were supposed to be there passed, and you never showed up. You didn’t call my mom and let her know. We waited for you. My mom cried. Not in front of us, but to herself after my brother and sister were asleep. That was the first time you pissed me off.
    That was strike one.

    Shortly after that, my mother told me you were in a lot of trouble for being accused of molesting a child. Apparently this child had issues. Your “crazy ex wife” took your daughter away from you, and you became a registered sex offender. My siblings and I quickly dismissed that thought because our mother loved you so much, and we loved you too. My mother stuck by you. She stuck by you when you lost your house, from giving all your money to the courts to fight to see your daughter. She stuck by you when your military job let you go because you were a registered sex offender. She gave you money. She even let you live with us for a while. My family began to suspect your motives with my mother were wrong. But she told them to stay out of it, and that it was none of their business. After all of that happened, your true colors started to show. You started treating my mother like crap. You would say mean things about her to us, you’d show me pictures of women who you said were hotter than my mother, you would tell me how annoying she was… And at first it was kind of cool, because yes my mother could be extremely annoying and a b**** at times. We all knew this. But then after you started treating her badly… That’s when I knew you were a twisted person.

    My bestfriend had just gotten a tattoo on her ribs one night. You asked us to run up to home depot with you since you were fixing things in our home that we were getting ready to put on the market to sell. At that time, we were smoking weed and you knew about it. You pulled out a pipe and told us to light it, so we did. We got blazed, and you didn’t smoke it with us because of your job. I found that really creepy to me, and I knew you had been drinking that night. We walked back upstairs and I was looking at her tattoo, when you came into the upstairs bathroom and put your hands on your shirt. You slowly slid your hands up her shirt and onto her breast. My stomach grew sick and I nearly threw up in that moment. I yelled at her to come into my room immediately. I could tell she was upset. We began to talk about what we should do. Everything was flashing through my head. And at that moment I knew you were not as innocent as you put yourself out to be. What my mother told us was a false accusation, was in fact true. You were a phedofile. I cried myself to sleep that night in my ex boyfriends bed. I was living with him at the time. You were someone I loved and trusted, and you betrayed me and my family… But I knew that if I told my mother about what happened she would never believe me, so I avoided my mom and you for months. You would call my phone and leave voicemails, and I knew you knew what happened. And I knew you knew why I was mad. You had my mother call my phone and tell me to come over when you were in town, and I wouldn’t answer, or I’d make up excuses. After a few months of this, my mother grew suspicious. She asked me what was wrong, and I’d lie and say nothing. But after a while, it was eating me away. Finally one night, I told her everything and I begged for her to believe me… But she didn’t. Her loyalty remained with you. She called my friend a liar, and me. I was shocked. I never thought my own mother would put anyone before her children. To this day, that’s still always been a wound that won’t heal all of the way. I stopped talking to her, and told my father what had happened. Every single detail. He was furious. He said he would blow his brains out if he touched me or my little sister, and it felt good to know that I had someone who believed me in this world. That was strike two, and two and a half for you.

    I didn’t find out about strike three until after you two had been broken up for a year or so. I was so glad when you finally left my mom, and when you were finally done with destroying things for my family. It was such a relief, and although my mother and I were not on the best of terms, I was there to pick up her pieces after you left her. By this time, your name became unmentionable in our household. I would walk by my moms door at night and hear her crying. She grew depressed and irritable with us, and in a sense, we lost a bit of my mother thanks to you. At a family reunion last October, I found out from my little sister that you stole thousands and thousands of dollars from us. Dollars that you promised you would repay. Dollars from MY PARENTS HOUSE that we sold. Dollars that MY PARENTS worked for. My mom made my sister swear that she wouldn’t tell me that after she came across a letter my mom wrote to you. My mom was always writing you stupid I miss you letters. I just couldn’t fathom that part… How could someone like my mother love a creature so evil as you? I instantly grew mad when I heard that come out of my sisters mouth.

    It’s been a year or two since my mom has spoken to you. But I know she still misses your disgusting self. She asked me to ask my friend to creep on your facebook the other day. I yelled at her and told her no, and that you are not what she needs. But a little while ago, I was on it and came across your picture. Apparently you’ve been seeing some other lady who is not remotely as beautiful as my mother. She has a teenage daughter too… I wonder if you’ve felt her up as well. I wonder if you’ve felt your own daughter up before. I’m thankful she was taken away from you and I pray to God you don’t screw things up for the family of the lady you’re dating now. I hate you so much, you disgusting old man.

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