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    The reason why is that I now really regret the fact that I found out that I was wrong. I didn’t intend for it to come out that way. There is no way to undo what happened. Never judge a book by its cover. I thought I understood. Remember, people who lack self-confidence compensate for this by dramatizing their appearance. That’s why I always pay attention to my appearance. We tend to attract what we are. True. If I had to say one thing, however, it would be that we would be foolish to fall strictly for the material aspects of existence. We take responsibility for our own lives. I choose a wrong card and kept it over the years. If I were to name one thing that I am sorry for, it would be that I didn’t go earlier or at a younger age. There must be many faults in me that I must reflect upon. Something as stupid as this should never be repeated again. Through this I finally understood what on earth was wrong. By recognizing my own weaknesses and valuing myself, I am able to understand your weaknesses. Actually, until now I couldn’t accept my weaknesses. I have been selfish from a child. People who can’t care for themselves are unlikely to be able to care for others. It’s easier to see the mote in another’s eye than the beam in your own. It was my fault. My weakness pushed me into it. Maybe these reactions come from low-selfesteem. I noticed that I lied myself and it was too hard to accept. That’s usually accompanied by repeating the same mistakes, feeling worse about the self, and looking everywhere except inside for answers. I can’t blame you but myself. If I was strong, I could refuse it from the beginning. And you are weak like me. I can’t judge your way of living. Everyone has faults and blemishes. I’m sorry.


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