• Abandonment Issues

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    I can’t stand that you can just hold out on me with whatever it is that’s going on. Valentine’s Day was great and it was enough to make me feel something. It’s been years and you just take everything that happened so casually and make me feel like I shouldn’t still be mad at you, I very much am.

    It disgusts me that the man I fell in love with would rather send me home with someone he considers less than a friend and live like a couple than stand up for how he feels and our relationship. Doesn’t it bother you? What bothers me is that I don’t feel taken care of the way that I’d like to. I feel so alone and that is why I figured we’d never be together. I figured you had a separate life and mindset that wasn’t devoted to me. If by now, you’re going through the motions and feel less enthusiastic about how much I do love you, please find a way to talk to me and let’s figure this out. I need to be encouraged and taking on the added weight of all your problems will destroy me. If we’re going to be a couple long distance or whatever I refuse to be treated like this. Make up your mind. I will not have you walking in and out of my life any longer. I truly mean that.

    I know you have it figured out, I love you so much but I refuse to live like this.

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