• SD Diary Part 1 (and probably the last)

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    Not many people are open to this, but I’m going to vent:

    I wanted to be a Sugarbaby.
    I heard of the term. I did some research.
    I don’t want a serious relationship right now, and I have no problem being around older men.
    I was glad to find out that sex isn’t involved in all Sugarbaby (SB)/Sugardaddy (SD) arrangements, because I don’t “put out”.

    And I won’t (until I’m married).

    I met one guy that said he’d spoil me – That was a mistake.
    He didn’t even offer to buy me coffee. I had to buy it.
    The times that he said he’d see me and we’d go for dinner or lunch – that cheapa**. He lied. He would never show up.
    Said he’d pick me up from work – never showed up.
    Although when he was horny, he would make sure to call me.

    I cut his a** off.

    I was going to meet another, but he didn’t show up – twice.
    Didn’t apologize for it either.

    He got cut off.

    I met another, K.
    We had a little lunch.
    It was going to be his first time meeting someone for this type of arrangement (as it was mine, with someone serious at least). However, he seemed nervous and unsure…
    I later told him that he doesn’t have to be my SD. We could just be friends. He was a very nice man.
    He said he’d love that… and then never texted me back.

    Oh well.

    I had a few other pot’s (POTential SD’s, that is) that said that they would meet. Never got back to me.


    I talked to one on the phone – it seemed to me that he expected a SB to be a cheap prostitute.
    Some are. But the good ones, the self-respecting ones, aren’t.
    An emotional connection is much better than a physical connection anyway.

    Good luck to him.

    I finally met another – P.
    At first I thought that he didn’t like me. When we met, he didn’t smile. His face was very straight.
    I thought to cut the meeting right there, and travel back home.
    I almost did.
    (Note to men: When you FIRST meet a woman, of any age, it is very important to SMILE. Otherwise, she will interpret the straight face as a lack of interest, and walk away)
    However, we had brunch. He lightened up then.
    It was nice to see him smile.
    He has hazel eyes. I love hazel eyes.
    We talked about many things. I felt that we had good conversation.

    I did feel a bit weird with him, but that was only because I was wondering if other people were watching us. But I didn’t care. I kept my eyes on him.
    He seemed eager to meet me again. But I’ve been busy.
    I would like to meet him again.
    But I think he may be interested in someone else.

    I did try browsing for more SD’S. I’ve sent plenty of messages for the couple of months I’ve been on the site.
    Only a few have responded.

    Maybe it’s because I’m black, I don’t know.
    I’m not ugly.
    But beauty is the eye of the beholder, right?

    Anyway, I just wrote all of this to vent my little heart out.

    I’m frustrated that there are young women that get plenty of offers, and I struggle just to keep one.

    I’m going to get off the site.

    And it’s really going to piss me off if I get offers in the summer, when I’m more available, and more fit (I do work out. I don’t need to, but I’ll be super-fit by summer), because I won’t be interested anymore.

    Maybe I should’ve never been interested.

    Discouraged SB

    /end diary

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    2 Responses to SD Diary Part 1 (and probably the last)

    1. DC
      February 18, 2012 at 5:09 am

      Wow… A sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship that doesn’t involve sex? What fool told you that and what kind of fool are you to believe it? The old school term is “a kept woman” and that kind of relationship is a prostitute with one customer.

      You seem to expect something for nothing; the world does not work that way. You need to grow up little girl.


    2. Author*
      February 20, 2012 at 11:15 am

      Well, thanks for letting me know, DC.

      I think that you misunderstood me. Or maybe I wrote this out wrong (but w/e. It’s my “vent”. I can vent however I feel like venting on here).
      I’m not going to go into explaining exactly what I was expecting, but I was looking for… a different type of arrangement. I wasn’t going to have sex with the guy, so I don’t expect him to shell out thousands of dollars on shopping sprees or something (I don’t shop much anyway).

      But maybe you’re right. Maybe that’s all a SD/SB arrangement is.

      And I’m not willing to give up my self-respect and dignity for a few dollars…

      Thanks though.



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