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    I was happy you replied to my non-VD email. It was terse, said not to use your work mail, but ended with congratulating me for something. Then not two hours later I get this flurry of texts accusing me of purposely destroying your relationship with your sons. You made some wild claims – witnesses to this alleged action? That you had talked to all three boys alone without that man around? They all three deny any such 1:1 conversation. They also deny that I’ve been anything but loving and supportive even while working through my own issues.

    The boys and I were all deeply hurt by what you did. We have been supporting each other in our hurt and confusion. A disowned you as mother on his own. I only counseled him to hold his temper. Young A has told me unequivocably that when he tries to talk to you, you’re not responsive then that man cuts in and takes over the conversation. When I pointed this out to you you said that was a lie.

    Your relationship with your boys is, indeed, severely damaged. But not because of anything I’ve done. What I’ve done is try to be a dad to them as we all four go through this difficult period that you created. Yes, dad. Even young A has me as “dad” on his Facebook as do the other two.

    I understand though; you’re starting to wake up and see the damage you’ve caused and you’re looking around for who to blame. I guess I’m the convenient scapegoat but sooner or later you’re going to have accept responsibility for your actions. It does along with making decisions like a big girl.

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