• 6 months later..

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    It’s still hard to believe that it’s been 6 months, half a year, since we were together and everything felt right. I look back and try to pin point what went so wrong 6 months that you felt like you had to leave. I still honestly have no idea why…and the fact that when I ask you you don’t have an answer either just breaks my heart. We talked about forever. And when I talked about it I truly meant it with everything that I had. I miss everything that we had and shared together. Neither of us were perfect in anyway, but I feel that we were perfectly imperfect for eachother. I still feel that way 6 months later…if you’d tell me you wanted to start again I would say yes without a doubt in my mind. But sadly I realize that you’ll only say that to me in my mind. It’s hard to see you because I know that you have moved on. I try to move on and I’m sure it appears like I have, but in all reality my heart still belongs to you. When I loved you I gave you all my love..it is hards and nearly impossible to move on once you’ve given your all to someone. But every day I think I am getting a little better. In the end I just want you to be happy, even if I’m not a part of your happiness. I dont regret the 2 years we spent together and those 2 years will always hold some of my favorite memories. I loved you 6 months ago, I still love you know, and I’ll love you 6 months from now. The love that I have for you will never go away, you will always be in my heart…even if I’m no longer in yours.
    Forever yours,
    your (heartbroken) little chipmunk

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