• To my new boss

    by  • February 15, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Boss • 0 Comments

    You spent much of today talking to a co worker. You made several clear to hear calls home. You called in on a personal appointment. When it was lunch time you left and took your full hour. When you left today I was still working and continued for several more hours. Many days you don’t even COME to the office. Yet you are swamped and if by some chance that I am working elsewhere and you must help me out a bit, the concept of teamwork goes out the window and you become irritable.

    I am no longer impressed by you. Now I agree with others….you are lazy.
    Not much I can do about that but the happy eager to please employee is gone. God, i used to love my job! It didnt bother me that i worked so hard and so long. Now it is just a job. Not a place that I am proud of.

    I think it’s time I took back what I’ve always given so freely. My personal life and time.

    You want dedication? Check your attitude, learn something about being a team player, and fucking get to work. Maybe then I will start to respect you.

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