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    Dear You,

    I know this sounds stupid but honestly I only wish I could change one thing about you. And it’s your height. I love you so much and the every part of you makes me smile but that’s probably the main reason why I don’t kiss you in public or walk beside you holding hands… If I could give some of my height to you I would in a heartbeat but that can’t happen. So even thought you’re supposed to be the “manly” one, who should be bigger and tougher and stuff. Well, please don’t be afraid to just hold my hand in public. I’ll forget about how tall I am while you forget how short you are and we’ll call it a day! Okay?


    Your girlfriend.

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    2 Responses to I wish…

    1. sorry to be harsh... just being honest.
      February 16, 2012 at 9:45 am

      i won’t say that you DON’T love him, because that’s not my place, but I just don’t see it being real.

      how would you feel if he was to wish that you were skinnier or shorter or your hair was a different color (whatever you might be focused on in yourself)? i bet you’d feel like crap. i bet you’d wonder why he’s even with you if that’s how he feels… make sense?

      do you ever take a minute to think and wonder why you are with him if you can’t let yourself be 100% satisfied with him? This sort of thing, you shouldn’t settle… and the fact that its the physical rather than personality makes this question even more important… because something in you feels it’s not right, and is coming up with reasons to remind you you’re not competely into it…

      I’m not AT ALL saying that you are wrong, hoping for someone who fits the description you’re looking for… we’ve all got our ideal prince or princess, but i just wish you’d realize that when that prince comes around, you wouldn’t even notice the things you might think you wish could be changed. if it bothers you enough to mention it to a few strangers, it seems that you’re unsatisfied in your relationship… and although it might be hard to do, maybe you should re-evaluate your decision to be with him. its not fair to him that you look at him and wish he looked different, whether he knows it or not… because you are holding back and for all you know, he’s busy wracking his brain wondering why you’re backing off, particularly in public… makes one wonder what could be wrong with them and why their significant other is seemingly embarrassed to be seen with them. sounds extreme, but we can all admit that our minds easily jump to that sort of conclusion. maybe you’ve lucked out and he hasn’t even noticed that you’re hesitating to give him the attention he deserves, whether it be in public or in private… but he deserves both…. both public and private attention without an ounce of effort put into it. if you truly think you love him, I hear you, you say everything about him makes you smile and that’s absolutely fantastic. you’re seeing more of what it means to love someone, but still you’ve got these factors that you’re a little bit stuck on. not dwelling, i’m sure, but they catch your attention enough to be unhappy with. this doesn’t mean that you can’t get over it, but usually this sort of situation has more of an underlying reason that just presents itself as something such as your concern. it’s hard to figure out whats really going on, but some real thinking time might be able to help.

      true love = not caring/noticing/thinking about someone’s “faults” (which by the way… when its physical, its not a fault… a fault is in character, not body.)

      true love = not wanting to change a single thing about someone, because you don’t notice anything wrong.

      true love = no judgement, at all, unconditional appreciation for everything about someone

      true love = not caring for a single second what someone looks like… especially when its physical, since its not something they can change… they were born that way.. it’s impossible for them to adjust. probably why you wont tell him, but still… you think it.

      true love = kissing and walking next to them in public, without caring what anyone thinks in the most genuine way

      true love = not putting “manly” in quotes when speaking of the one you think you love

      true love = not expecting someone to be bigger or tougher…

      true love = something more

      take it from me – the more you try to ignore or forget something like this, the more you’ll find yourself focusing on it because you’re concentrating on not thinking of it. vicious circle, indeed.

      i hope this works itself out in a healthy way, even if it results in some temporary pain…
      but just remember… its not impossible to move past this, but it’s also not impossible to find someone else that won’t have you think a single thought like these.

      i really do with you luck…
      i know i might sound too harsh, but i just really think it needed to be brought to your attention.


    2. i hear ya
      February 17, 2012 at 3:23 pm

      i really like the letter you wrote, because i can really relate to it. i fell 100% in love with a boy. 110% actually. over the mooon.
      however, he is shorter then me.
      i have always been the tall girl at 5’10, so i have always dated tall boys. so of course, when i fell in love with a boy who is shorter then me, it was uncomfortable.
      however, once i started thinking about why it made me uncomfortable, i realized it had nothing to do with him, and everything to do with me.
      i realized i felt like i was less feminine, because i was the taller one in the relationship. i felt too tall, fat, and awkward when i walked with him. i felt like everyone was looking at us and making fun of us.
      but no one was, no one cares. when i mentioned it to my friends and parents, they told me they hadnt really noticed.
      everything was in my head, which came from insecurities. im so glad i was able to get my mind right, or else i would have lost a really really great guy.
      now when we walk around, i just focus on him, on us. how happy we are. how lucky i am to have him.
      also, think about the confidence your boyfriend must have to date a girl that’s taller then him. it sounds like he doesnt give a fuck. and to me, that confidence is sexier then height.



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