• I like you…

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    I’ll start out by saying what’s on my mind…. I like you.. more than a friend. I started to realize this in October, right before rotations and you had hacked into my facebook leaving that ridiculous status about berries, cream, and leprechauns. First you wouldn’t say it was you, but as we were walking to the parking lot side by side and I was talking about how I’m going to miss everyone for the next two weeks you confessed to the act and ran for your life to your car. I then shouted at you, “I won’t miss you!”, but my heart said yes you will. At first I just thought it was because we were becoming fast friends, but I was naive. I started to notice the little things about you. Your smile. Your laugh The way your eyes crinkle when you laugh. How you express things with your hands when you’re so passionate about something. The way your face was when you ruined Dr. Who for me (still don’t forgive you for that). Just little things. I told myself don’t do this…. You’re going to ruin the friendship and pharmacy school will be so boring without him. It’s funny how a relationship can be ruined by that word… like…

    So I shut up thinking and hoping the feeling would just go away and we’d stay friends. But I can’t do it anymore Adam… I just can’t. I’m tired of shutting my feelings hoping that you feel the same way only to find out that I’m too late… and you’ve moved on. This though I’m scared with because… this time I like a really really good friend and it would be terrible if I just ruin our friendship over some silly feeling..

    Part of me feels that you may feel the same way, but I have never been good with interpreting signals of the opposite sex. I think though there is a really strong chance that you don’t though. That’s completely okay with me because for one I never thought that a guy like you would like a girl like me. You deserve someone prettier and funnier.. also more intelligent. Also by saying you want to remain friends you’re saving me so much grief. I don’t have to over analyze any of the things you say to me or any actions that you do to me.. You’ll be just my friend and I can’t be more honored with that.

    So… I guess with what am I trying to say is where do I stand with you. Do you feel the same way? Am I just a friend? Are you confused? Please… tell me

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